Day 1 – Today We Ride the Baja Course

We wanted to get an early start but it was almost 11am before we left the house. It was a nice house…nobody was in a hurry to leave. We made ourselves some breakfast and then we sat around a little while enjoying the house. After that we went out and loaded up the trailer so we could get going.

After about an hour and a half drive we were at the gas station outside of Ojos Negros. There were a lot of people stopping here both on their way to the trail and coming back from the trail. Got to see some cool rides and haulers. We took some time to talk to some people to find out what we could about the course (like how to get there). Once we got some basic directions we moved a few yards down the street to unload the trailer and ride. We weren’t too sure about leaving the truck and trailer on the side of the road but there were a few others doing the same thing. In the end nothing went wrong with leaving it there.

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