Jawbone / Dove Springs

It’s about 5:15 am and I get a text from Frankie. He’s “ready to go”. Well our scheduled departure wasn’t until 6:30 so ,needless to say, at this time I was so asleep you could have called it a coma. There is no way I would have heard my phone. Luckily I had left the phone on my wife’s side of the bed so she did hear the phone. At first I was in shock when my phone was going off an hour earlier than I expected and I thought to myself “what is he thinking” but then realized that the sooner we hit the road the sooner we can start the ride. I replied to Frankie’s text and told him I would get dressed and send him a text when I was ready to be picked up. After about 15 minutes I sent the message “be ready in 10 minutes.you can pick me up now.”. I figured 10 minutes was enough time to get beakfast made (My wife offered to make some chorizo & egg burritos for us to take).

Frankie showed up so we threw my things into the truck and we headed to Todd’s (about a 25 minute drive). Once Todd was ready we hit the road on our way to JAWBONE. It was a long drive for us. It took a little over 2 hours from Todd’s. The weather was nice but it was cold and we did get some strong wind near Mojave, CA. This is where we stopped for gas and a quick stretch. We didn’t stand around for too long because it was cold…very cold. From here it was another 20-30 minutes to the ranger station on Jawbone Canyon Rd. It was about 8:45am so we had to wait until 9am for the office to open (Todd wanted to buy a map). It’s funny how much attention the buggies get. About 5 minutes after we arrived another group showed up in the parking lot. Right away they came over to look and ask questions. They do look kind of cool up on the trailer.

We moved on to find our base camp and unloaded the buggies.

It was time to ride. Our first trail was awsome…for a bike anyway. The trail was a little “too technical” for the big buggy but we did it anyway. It was fun and I tried to document as much as I could. i took tons of pictures and plenty of video. I also collected GPS data and saved it as a Google Earth file so you can see where we were.

jawbone-run-10052008 You’ll have to download GOOGLE EARTH to open the file.

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