The Drive Went Well

We departed right on time for our off roading weekend adventure. There wasn’t much traffic to speak of. We stopped for 1 stretch break and that was about it. We didn’t even stop for gas. That’s where we almost blew it….for about the last 40 miles of the trip we were stressing out about running out of gas. When we were at about a quarter tank of gas I calculated the amount of gas we had left versus the number of miles left based on Todd’s input. I was on a mission, I wanted to make it on a single tank of gas. at first it semed like we had room to spare. I kept asking Todd how many miles to get to Laughlin. He kept saying 20 miles more….20 more…Well we were sweatin hard becaue there were no gas stations anywhere.

We went down a road without anything for miles. It was getting dark, and we were miles from civilization. It wasn’t looking good but we made it…barely. After putting $100 in gas we went straight to the hotel to check in and get a few minutes rest.

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