Day 2…The conclusion

The clearing overlooking the cove was an awsome spot to stop and take a break. We took a bunch of photos of the crew & really cool shots of the landscape. All around us was hills & cliffs, towards the ocean was the cove. It was about 2pm and you could see the dark clouds rolling in. We knew it was going to rain just weren’t sure how long we had.  After about an hour of hanging out at the cove we decided to move on. We were on a mission, we wanted to find the trail we planned on riding. That’s when it started to get more interesting…

I was in the red buggy and we endud up taking the lead up the steep trail. Behind us were the 2 bikes and the black buggy held up the rear. We got to the top and drove about 50 yards until we reached a fork in the road so we decided to wait for the rest of the vehicles. After a  minute, Frankie passed us to take the lead so we decided to wait at the fork so the other 2 vehicles wouldn’t get lost. After a couple of minutes we started to wonder if  something was wrong since we still hadn’t seen the other bike & buggy. I guess by that time Frankie realized something was wrong because he came rolling back at that time as well. Just when he was going to head back and check, the other 2 caught up to us. We could tell something was wrong with Bronson. When he pulled up he stopped his bike and just sat there for a minute. We asked if he was ok and he said he was fine but we knew better. He was struggling trying to get his bike started up again. That’s when team Takahara told us that Bronson almost flew off the cliff and injured his leg in the process. The way they described it was that as he was going up the hill he hit a rock which launched him to the edge of the road. Luckily, he managed to regain control enough to keep him on the road instead of flying off the cliff. Basically he was bounced back and forth like a pinball. During all this manuevering he planted his foot hard which caused him to hurt to his hip. Immediately after hearing the story we offered to ride his bike back so he can sit in the buggy and we could head back home for him to assess the damage and/or recover. He jumped in the buggy but said he was fine to continue the ride so we continued on our mission. The next 15-20 minutes of the ride was down a well graded road so it was rather uneventful until we stopped for a quick break. Where we stopped there happened to be a side trail with a hill climb. The hill looked rather steep so it started off with a challange to the buggy drivers. Most were hesitant but frankie insisted it could be done so team Takahara took the challenge. After a couple minutes of deliberating we decided how it should be executed…balls out with a hard right at the top. Daniel hit the gas and went for it. He wanted to use the downhill momentum to build up enough speed to make it up the hill. There were some bad bumps along the way which affected the run but he still made pretty high up the hill. He came back and immediately gave it another try. This time was worse.  He made it to the lip of the hill but got stuck in loose dirt. When rolled back down the hill he ended up backing into a small bush and got stuck in the bush. The more he tried to drive forward the more of a hole he dug with the spinning tires. We ran over to help but he was snagged on the dried up bush. The buggy has a winch but we had nothing to attach it to so we decided to use the other buggy as an anchor. This didn’t work. The buggy was so stuck that all the winch would do is pull the anchor buggy. If we couldn’t get it out we were going to have to go get one of our trucks to pull it out so we tried brute force. We commenced to rocking the buggy by driving back & forth and we were physically rocking it from side to side. I was surprised but this actually worked so we were back at attacking this hill. By this time Todd finally decided to give it a try. His buggy seems to have a bit more horsepower so we figured he would have a better chance of making it. He tried a couple of times but couldn’t make it either. We had almost given up but then it happened…team Takahara made it. they found the right line. After a bit of encouagement from us (aka name calling), Todd was so determined that he made it up the hill in one shot from a cold start half way up the hill. This hill was conquered! They both went up it a couple more times just to be sure. We spent a few minutes at the top of the hill celebrating when it finally started to sprinkle. None of us wanted to get stuck in a down pour so we decided to head back home. Although we never really found the trail Frankie wanted and Bronson got hurt, we all still had a blast.

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