Day 2…part 1

It’s day 2 in Ensenada. First on the list of to-do’s is to go for a ride but before we could go out we had to eat something. Since we had nothing else, we had some ranchera steak for breakfast.

Frankie had been here before so he wanted to take us on a trail that followed the mountain tops along the coastline and ends at a stretch of beach. We took the road to La Bufadora but somehow missed the turn.

We stopped for a few minutes to give Frankie a chance to scope out the terrain in an effort to find the trail. That’s when we had our movie moment. You know, the scene in the movies when the Americans are approaced by the local children.  While sitting there in the buggy we were approached by a local kid wielding a gun (a plastic bb gun with laser sight). He was playing around telling us to put our hands up and thimgs like that. I was too distracted to pay attention to him so after a few minutes he stepped away but not before he asked for money. He then went to the other buggy and did the same thing. Once he figured out team Takahara didn’t speak any spanish he went to Bronson who had got out of the buggy to do some filming with the camcorder. Bronson chased him away. After a few minutes Frankie & Bronson had a plan so it was time to hit the road. I didn’t see it when it happened but Bronson was shot on the way out. Yup, the punk kid shot him with a BB as we pulled away. I don’t think it caused any damage but he did feel it.

We drove back on the same road we came in on and found a road next to some houses and decided to give it a try.

It was a 15-20 min ride over a hill to a small cove where the fisherman keep their boats. It was a great place to stop and enjoy the view.

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