Big Red Buggy

Here’s some pictures of the 4 seat buggy available from GLOBALGOODZ.COM

This one is 800cc with EFI. These things are very inexpensive too, This one is only about $7,000 from GLOBAL GOODZ. This thing is fast & fun. We loaded it up with about 900 lbs of people weight and we were easily doing 50mph down the short strip of road we were testing it on.  This is one of the off road vehicles we’ll be taking with us to Ensenada for the BAJA trip. What’s cool is that in Mexico you can drive these on the street with no problems. I live in California so it can only be registered as an off-road vehicle but in other states these can be registered for on road use. They have everything a car would have like headlights, tail lights, and turn signals.

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